Cadence M - Risks and Benefits

Risks and benefitsAll clinical trials, including Cadence M, are rigorously assessed by an independent ethics committee to ensure that the benefits of conducting the trial outweigh the risks to participants.

There are additional safeguards in place to protect people with mental illness, pregnant women and unborn children.


We cannot guarantee that participants will receive any benefits from this clinical trial.

However, participants will be helping the research community and those with schizophrenia to test if mangosteen pericarp is an effective “add-on” treatment for schizophrenia.

If the results show that mangosteen pericarp is better than placebo, and is safe and acceptable to people with schizophrenia, this evidence may help improve treatment for people with schizophrenia in the future. We need better treatments and the best way to advance treatments is to do clinical trials.

Risks and disadvantages

Joining a clinical trial involves a commitment – we need to hear how participants are going on a regular basis. Participants join the extended research team – we hope that participants can stick to treatment over the entire 24 weeks.

While every effort is made to minimise risks to participants, it is still possible that some participants will experience side effects, or will find it upsetting to talk about their illness. 

It is important to fully understand these risks in order to give informed consent. The research team will explain the risks in more detail during the informed consent process.