Cadence BZ Trial

Cadence BZ is the first clinical trial in the Cadence series.

The trial aims to determine if receiving a commonly used food preservative, in addition to regular treatments, assists with recovery from early psychosis.

The food preservative is called sodium benzoate, and it is commonly used in soft drinks, fruit juices, jams and salad dressings (on labels it is often listed as E211). The US Food and Drug Administration has classified sodium benzoate as “generally recognised as safe” and it is approved in Australia as a food additive. It is also sometimes used to help preserve other medications.

However sodium benzoate is not approved to treat psychosis.  Therefore it is an experimental treatment for psychosis, and it must be rigorously tested to find out if it is an effective add-on treatment for psychosis.

This research has been initiated by the Coordinating Principal Investigator Professor John McGrath and Principal Investigator Associate Professor James Scott who are employed at the University of Queensland (Queensland Brain Institute). The Study Coordinator is Andrea Baker.